Here Are Some Disgusting Looking Games About Poo

I bet you didn’t know that there’s a whole world of video games about poo splattered around the gaming world? Neither did I until accidentally stumbling across one that sparked my interest in the theme. So here’s a list about video games centred around the gross concept of poop that have been developed and added onto Steam.

Games about poo were usually kept to the depths of browser-based flash/java games, an outlet for high school students to pass time during that one boring lesson. As time has gone on video game engines have become more widely accessible, and as a result, more creative minds are free to build games. It turns out that some of those creative minds are responsible for injecting video games with a questionable theme onto Steam.

I spent the weekend reluctantly compiling a list as a result, because who knows, there may be people who adore playing with the brown bodily sludge. Honestly, some of these are weird concepts that I feel should have remained in the depths of browser-based games. However there are some incredibly surprisingly good looking titles here.

Get ready to experience some real crap journalism.

A Dump in the Dark

I feel it’s best to start with a semi-decent looking title so you don’t feel like this is just a list of bad looking rush jobs that have been effortlessly ported from flash sites. Those will come later.

A Dump in the Dark is a horror survival in which the protagonist trawls through a labyrinth of horrors with their buttocks exposed and ready to blow. The goal is to survive, uncover the family secrets, and battle against the past that has come back to haunt.

Playing from a first-person perspective with butt cheeks firmly in view, players will wander around crapping all over. Armed with five types of defecation the player will face enemies across twenty-five levels of fast-paced number two’ing. Admittedly it does look fairly well made, even with the crude humour oozing.

Games About Poo

Muddy Heights 2

Muddy Heights 2 is Rageborn Studio, LLC’s sequel to the original browser-based title Muddy Heights. The concept is that players are in control of someone who desperately needs to relieve themselves and results in them opening their bowels from various heights. The brown nugget falls down and bounces around various levels, busy with NPC’s that are due to receive an unexpected splat to the face.

The player can change the consistency of the turd by unlocking and eating food while playing through various levels. There are several goals and even more secrets to unlock should players enjoy the feeling of crapping on others.

Games about poo

Where’s My Mommy?

Where’s My Mommy? has a weird story behind it in which Exquisite Games attempts to make you feel sad for an unlikely protagonist. Far up a rectum lived a mommy and Poopy, a baby poo, until one day mommy was pushed out leaving the baby behind. Wiping seeping tears from its eyes, baby poo heads through procedurally generated levels to save its smelly parent.

There are three powers the stinky pebble can perform, turning it solid, into liquid, and a double jump function. On top of the normal three level campaign, there’s an Endless and a Hardcore game mode to keep the game a bit more replayable. Where’s My Mommy? is played from a side-on perspective and throws a bundle of obstacles at Poopy to overcome.

Games about poo

PooPee Wars

PooPee Wars or George VS Bonny PP Wars as it’s oddly listed on Steam, is a multiplayer title from Winter Bloom. It pits Uncle George, a bloke who wants a clean house and armed with a mop, against Bonny, the mischievous dog. Bonny wants nothing more than to take a dump somewhere, but in order to do that, he needs to distract George by moving things.

It bears similarities to Sike Studios’ Pooper Scooper in regards to one player trying to poo, and another trying to clean. It does seem a lot more similar to Who’s Your Daddy though in regards to the general multi-player gameplay and visual style. PooPee Wars comes with three levels, Steam leaderboards, Online and local play capabilities, and character colour customisations.

Games about poo

Shit Storm

Ever wanted to play a terrible side-scrolling shooter? Shit Storm by Floor Chicken gives players control of a clipart looking butt as they manoeuvre it through various space-themed levels. Players will earn in-game money to eventually unlock new costumes for the turd filled behind.

There isn’t much more to say really. It looks short-lived and even costs £1,69 which seems a bit much for a game that looks like it should be on a browser.

Games about poo


There may be more to Pipejob than poo, but that does play a large role in the title from Cybreath. This VR optimised title allows players to live the life of a plumber, fixing burst pipes, upgrading them, and fighting against eruptions of poo blockages. If fixing their way through broken plumbing doesn’t please them, players can take to an artistic mode and paint with poo. Yes.

Masterpieces can be displayed in the gallery, and there’s a world record for players to beat if they can survive the longest. It looks quite fast-paced and focused on precision, although the artistic mode seems…relaxing?

Games about Poo

PooShooter: Toilet Invaders

PooShooter: Toilet Invaders comes from the minds at FergaTroid Studios and is essentially a Space Invaders copy but with a butt that hides behind toilet rolls. Players will have to fire their poo at plunger firing toilets above as they progress through various simple designed levels.

There doesn’t seem to be much else to offer except shooting toilets until the golden toilet. It gets a mention in this games about poo list because of the Space Invaders theme, but that’s about it.

Wonky Pigeon!

There’s a time in your life when you want to be a bird, but Carlotta Tatti’s Wonky Pigeon! probably isn’t the type of bird you want to be. Taking control of a pigeon hellbent on crapping on humanity, players fly around a small map taking down targets alone or with a split-screen partner.

The game allows players to control falling poo using the Poo Cam, avoid enemy’s weapons, and apparently features John J. Dick providing the pigeon sounds. Other than the fun of unleashing carnage with a bird butt in a world with overdone bloom filters, the game doesn’t seem to offer much else…like most games about poo.

Not Without My Poop

Dung beetles are often forgotten about, but thanks to David Mulder, Not Without My Poop brings the dirty beetles to the main stage. Players get to direct a large ball of dung from point A to B, avoiding obstacles they come across.

There are twenty-three achievements to unlock on Steam and there appears to be a fair amount of levels to roll through. However, it looks like it’d perform better as a mobile title.

SOYF: S#!t On Your Friends

Take oddly cute creatures that look terrified and constipated and bundle them into an online match to crap on one another. That’s what SOYF: S#!t On Your Friends by Egonaut Games has done, and done it with style they have. Two to four players go against one another in local multiplayer matches as they try to defecate on each other.

It’s like looking at a browner version of Soldat but finds players battling across three rounds. A Dingle mode has players getting heavier when dumped on as they race towards the top. There’s a one-hit mode where players die if hit only once and single player challenges. There are even crossover characters from Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne and Puglie Pug!

There’s Poop In My Soup

You may recall Muddy Heights 2 from above, and well, There’s Poop In My Soup by K Bros Games is roughly the same idea. The difference is that it seems a lot more populated, resulting in even more carnage.

Set across various levels with various types of defecation, players drop a deuce and watch the carnage unfold. People fall in dismay, poodles yelp, and…that’s really it. It looks like more of a test of physics rather than a game, but at least players can rack up insane scores.

Super Duper Party Pooper

The sequel the above comes as Super Duper Party Pooper which keeps the idea of pooping on people but brings exotic locations and a rhythm theme. Players now have to eat in time to the beat with the more food adding to the number of brown logs available to push out.

Players can import their favourite songs at the risk of creating weird memories associated with games about poo. There’s also Steam Workshop support so players can make new characters, poo styles, animations and more.

There you have it, that was the very interesting list of games about poo. If you made it here without skipping through then I’m impressed. It took me time and effort to actually create this list. If you feel bad about skipping through it, feel free to scroll up and go back through it properly. You’re under no obligation to though.


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